Are you ready to place your home on the market? Do you understand the processes and details of selling a home? Be as informed as possible so you can make the absolute best business decision. After all, the sale of your home is a business decision! 

Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to assist you to get the best price possible: 

1. Determine the fair market value for your house - Buyers are looking for a home that is correctly priced. Overpricing your home means that it will not sell right away and, eventually, questions will be asked as to why it is not selling. 

2. First impressions are created at the front of the house - See that the front of your home is as near perfect as possible. Start with the outside. Are the lawns in good shape and the garden landscaped and pretty? Present its best features and remove distractions. Tidy, clean, uniform and pretty should be your guidelines. The buyer's initial reaction will determine whether they buy or walk away from your home. 

3. Remove personal items - Remove pictures and personal items of sentimental value. Potential buyers want to see the structure of the home and you don’t want them to be distracted by your memories. 

4. Declutter - Every home has clutter but do your best to remove yours before putting your house on the market. Remove anything that is not needed by placing it in storage. This gives buyers a better opportunity to place their own furniture in their minds. 

5. Neutral Colours - You might think this is bland, but people shy away from striking colours on walls and doors. Give your home a coat of paint using neutral colours. Most buyers do not want to paint the minute they move in and will be happy to place their belongings in rooms that do not make striking statements. 

6. Kitchens and bathrooms should be spotless- Special attention is always paid to these two rooms. They should be clean and well lit. If you have any gadgets that you will be leaving behind, make sure the potential buyers are aware that they are in working order. Buyers are usually keen on these items and it may detract them from rooms that will need revamping in the not too distant future. 

7. Never apologise for your home - Your home is what it is. Be proud of it. Apologising gives rise to questions. If there are any problems, offer solutions but never apologise. 

8. Work with your agent, not against them - Help your real estate agent to sell your home. Give them the information they need and step back. All viewings should be arranged through and presented by the agent. They have the experience, otherwise you would not have involved them.  

9. View by appointment only - Serious buyers will have been screened by your agent. This means your house is not on view to everyone but only to those pre-qualified by your agent. Should a buyer arrive without an appointment, you are quite entitled to give them your agent's card and ask them to view the house with the agent. 

10. Sell before you need to - There is no definite time frame to sell your home. Circumstances change but it is always preferable to put your house up for sale before you plan to move. This gives you leeway of about three to six months before your home is sold. On receipt of a serious offer, you can begin your search for a new home. This eliminates trying to sell your home in a hurry and perhaps not achieving the price you wanted for your home. 

11. Advertise - Your estate agent will present you with a marketing/advertising plan which you should view before you sign a contract. Make sure that your home is advertised in the areas that will attract buyers. A well priced home will not sell if it is not advertised correctly. 

12. Remove emotion from the sale - No matter how many fond memories you have of your home, remember the buyer is not interested in any of them nor the reason for the sale. They will only be interested in the property they are buying. Make sure that when you look at offers, you do so rationally and do not let your emotions rule your decision to sell. 

Make sure that the moment you put your house on the market is the moment you kiss your home goodbye. This will make the sale so much easier. After all, a house is a material object and times change. You will always have the wonderful memories of your stay in that home.